White Board Non-Magnetic
WBNM001 900 x 600mm
White Board Magnetic
WBM001 900 x 600mm
* Other sizes available on request

Chalkboard Non-Magnetic
CBNM001 450 x 600mm
CBNM002 900 x 1200mm
* Other sizes available on request

Display Case – Pinning Board
DCPB001 1200 x 1500mm
Display Case – Letter BoardDCLB001 1200 x 1500mm

In/ Out Board 
IOB001 450 x 600mm – 10 Names
IOB002 600 x 900mm – 20 Names

Data Projector 
DVP001 Ceiling/ Wall Mounting

Ceiling Box 



Projector Screen – Pull Down 
PSPD001 1270 x 1270mm

Projector Screen – Tripod 
PSTR001 1270 x 1270mm

Perforated Accessory Range



Perforated Bin Range

Square Punched Accessory Bin Range

Modern Bin Range


Modern Accessory Range

Fluted Accessory Range

Fluted Bin Range

Wooden Accessory Range

Leather Accessory Range

Rubberised Accessory Range

Spectra Range (New)

Waldwood Range

Krost Plastic Trays

Plastic Litter Bins


Screen, wall and desk mounted solutions adaptable to all your requirements

CPU Holder

Foot Rest

Tea Trolley

Hat and Coat Stands

(Left) Floor Standing Brochure Holder
(Right) Dumb Valet

Aluminium Easel